The Annual Check-up and Vaccination

Having your pet vaccinated by a vet practice with full facilities is the best way of ensuring your cat or dog is thoroughly examined at least once a year for illness or disease.  This annual check-up and vaccination is vital to ensure your pet’s long term health and well-being.

These annual visits provide time for the vet to conduct an overall health check of your pet in addition to administering the vaccination. 

During this visit the vet will fully check over your pet - from nose and ears to under your pet's tail.  The vet will be looking for all sorts of problemsAnnual Check-up from cancers, allergies and lameness to pre-cursers of disease.

The vet will also talk to you about other topics such as desexing, diet, heartworm control, flea control, intestinal worming, grooming methods and even micro-chipping.  All these are aimed at maximising quality of life for your pet.

During the consultation, the vet will also listen with a stethoscope to your dog or cat's chest (heart and lungs).

This annual visit is a good time to raise any concerns about your pet's health.  It's a good idea to prepare a list beforehand to help you remember everything that's cropped up since your last visit.  During the consultation, point out any lumps that you may have found on your pet.

At Sanford Veterinary Clinic we maintain your pet's full medical history including lab results, clinical notes and x-rays which allows us to maximise your pets wellness over its entire lifetime.

Your pet's annual vaccination is more than just a needle - it's an important part of ensuring your best friend's long-term health and well-being.  If you have missed or forgotten your last reminder, contact us today to get your pet’s health check up to date. It may just be a lifesaver.

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