Looking After Your New Pet

The arrival of a new pet is a happy occasion and to help with this Sanford Veterinary Clinic has put together a check-list of things to do to keep your pet fit and healthy throughout their lives.

Vaccination- Provided their mother was vaccinated, our pet  will have a degree of immunity to infectious diseases that will protect them in the first few weeks of life.  However this immunity rapidly falls and in order to restore it, a primary course of vaccinations is required. This immunity will fade over time and regular booster vaccinations, combined with a health check, are the best way of protecting your pet, plus keeping an eye out for any other problems.

Life-stage diets-  We also offer your pet a tailored series of diets from tiny kittens and puppies, through adulthood and into their senior years.  These diets are designed to offer the ideal balance of nutrients for each life stage.  Our own pets use them- as such they are highly recommended.

Parasites-  Since our pets are readily infested with worms, fleas and ticks, treatment is best regarded as a lifelong endeavour.  We are happy to offer advice on the most effective, safe and convenient form of treatment for your pets. Excellent products are now available.  Just come in and ask.

Lost and found-  Just imagine the nightmare of a lost pet.  As well as conventional inscribed tags and collars, we also recommend having your pet micro chipped as a more secure and permanent form of identification, since tags can fall off just when your pet needs them the most.

Pet insurance-  While we hope that your pet stays fit and well, if problems do occur and your pet is insured, we can ensure that decisions regarding expensive treatment can be made on the basis of need rather than cost.  We highly recommend pet insurance.  Ask us at the clinic.

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