Essential Pet Care - Don’t neglect teeth

Dental care is an essential part of your pet’s health.  Your pet’s mouth is the gateway to the body systems.  A mouthful of plaque means that every chew showers potentially harmful bacteria into the bloodstream and onto the kidneys, liver, heart and other organs.

Over the long term this can lead to serious health problems.  If this sounds a bit like your pet, now is the time to book in at Sanford Veterinary Clinic for an ultrasound dental clean.  This should be a regular preventative health care procedure. 

When combined with bones, toys and treats that are designed to clean pet’s teeth as they chew, your pet’s breath will stay fresh and smile sparkling between visits. For those pets who don’t like to chew and gnaw, there is even a specially formulated pet toothpaste and toothbrush available.

Our nurses and receptionists are more than happy to talk about the best options for your pet.


Since our pets are readily infested with worms, fleas and ticks, treatment is best regarded as a lifelong endeavour. We are happy to offer advice on the most effective, safe and convenient form of treatment for your pets. Excellent products are now available. Just come in and ask.

 Lost and found-

Just imagine the nightmare of a lost pet. As well as conventional inscribed tags and collars, we also recommend having your pet micro chipped as a more secure and permanent form of identification, since tags can fall off just when you’re pet needs them the most.  If your pet hasn't been micro chipped yet, come in and ask about this fantastic method of pet identification.

 Life-stage diets-

We also offer your pet a tailored series of diets from tiny kittens and puppies, through adulthood and into their senior years. These diets are designed to offer the ideal balance of nutrients for each life stage. Our own pets use them- as such they are highly recommended.

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