You Can Wipe Out Fleas This Summer

Just take a moment to imagine fleas crawling all over you and in your hair.  Feel like scratching?  Would you put up with it?  No wonder our pets get irritated, chew and scratch.  Fleas are often the cause of pet odour problems and skin irritations.  Your pet relies on you to keep them flea free.

The Flea Life CycleOne flea can lay up to 50 eggs a day. These eggs are constantly shed from your pet and into the home environment.  At this rate it does not take long for a few fleas to become hundreds, or even thousands.  Worst of all, adult fleas are just the tip of the iceberg.

The adult fleas that you may see on your pet represent just 5% of the entire flea population. The other 95% are tiny eggs, larvae and pupae in your home environment (i.e. in carpet, between floorboards and on furniture).  Eggs can remain dormant for over 6 months. For every flea you see, there could be hundreds lurking just beneath the surface, which will eventually develop into adults, adding to your flea problem.

The secret to flea free pets is to break the flea life cycle.  It’s only by breaking the life cycle that you will get rid of the 95% of flea population made up of eggs, larvae and pupae in the home.  At Sanford Veterinary Clinic we have various products that are easy to use and effective.  They are designed to destroy the flea life cycle which, over time, will get rid of fleas on your pets and in the environment.  We provide product advice and guidance on safe use, all you need is the commitment to treat all pets monthly, on an ongoing basis.  It may take 12 months to get rid of fleas completely.  Ongoing treatment means no fleas and no way newly introduced fleas from outside the home environment can get re-established in your home.  Just imagine your pets completely flea free. It’s up to you! 

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