Grass-seed danger in Spring 

During spring it is common for pets to develop abscesses and infections caused by penetrating grass seeds.

 grassSeedHeadSeeds can gradually work their way through a pet's skin aided by the bristles on the seed. Unfortunately this is often hidden by the pet's hair and not noticed until there is a severe infection or a discharging abscess.

This problem is very common in both dogs and cats during this time of year. So what can you do to help prevent this problem?

Check your pets ears daily.

Check your pets paws daily.

Have your dog or cat clipped if you are in an area with lots of grass seeds- this will make grass seeds easier to see and also help prevent grass seeds adhering. Remove any grass seeds trapped in the hair coat.

Have any constant licking, head shaking or pawing at ears investigated by Sanford Veterinary Clinic as soon as possible.


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