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Question: My pet is "not himself" lately. Should I watch him, or see the vet?

Answer: The short answer is, see the vet.  Even if it is just a phone call to Sanford Veterinary Clinic, to touch base.  You know your pet best, and while a description of "not himself" can encompass a variety of situations, it is best to get a vet's opinion, as animals can be very good at hiding illness until the problem is advanced.

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Obesity in Pets

Obesity is one of the most common problems seen in pets.  Approximately 25% of cats and dogs seen by vets are overweight (ie, 15% above their optimal body weight.) Excess weight is harmful to their health and well-being, making them prone to a number of diseases such as:

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Looking After Your New Pet

The arrival of a new pet is a happy occasion and to help with this Sanford Veterinary Clinic has put together a check-list of things to do to keep your pet fit and healthy throughout their lives.

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Essential Pet Care - Don’t neglect teeth

Dental care is an essential part of your pet’s health.  Your pet’s mouth is the gateway to the body systems.  A mouthful of plaque means that every chew showers potentially harmful bacteria into the bloodstream and onto the kidneys, liver, heart and other organs.

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Snake bite and your pet

As the weather heats up in the Midwest and Geraldton, it is very possible that our four legged friends could cross paths with a snake.  In the Midwest the Gwarder and Dugite account for the majority of snake bites.

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You Can Wipe Out Fleas This Summer

Just take a moment to imagine fleas crawling all over you and in your hair.  Feel like scratching?  Would you put up with it?  No wonder our pets get irritated, chew and scratch.  Fleas are often the cause of pet odour problems and skin irritations.  Your pet relies on you to keep them flea free.

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