Human Foods Poisonous To Cats

Often it is tempting to share our foods with the family pet, and most of us are guilty of slipping the odd tasty morsel. If you do indulge your cat, we strongly advise you check out this article which contains some common foods which are either poisonous or have the potential to adversely affect your cat.

This list contains common foods but is by no means extensive. As a rule, if in doubt, don’t give it to your pet. As an alternative, Sanford Vet Clinic Geraldton has a range of pet safe nibbles your pet will love when you want to treat them.

Alcohol: Hopefully nobody would actually try giving pets alcohol. Can cause intoxication, respiratory distress, gastrointestinal irritation, coma & death.

Almonds: Contain cyanogenic glycosides which will result in cyanide poisoning. Interferes with the ability of blood to release oxygen into the

Avocado: Contains a toxin called persin. This is found in all parts of the avocado and is toxic to most pets.

Citrus: May cause vomiting in cats.

Cooked Bones: Cooked bones can splinter & cause an obstruction. Give only raw bones to pets.

Chocolate: Also Coffee & tea. Contains naturally occurring methylzanthines caffeine & theobromine. Both cause toxicity in cats & dogs. All types of chocolate should be avoided.

Grapes & raisins: May cause kidney damage although the active ingredient has not been identified.

Macadamia nuts: Have been known to cause tremors & muscle-weakness in dogs, therefore best to use caution & avoid giving them to cats as well.

Milk: While cows milk will not kill your cat, it can lead to tummy upset if your cat is intolerant to lactose. If your cat likes milk, Sanford Vet Clinic has milk formulas designed for pets.

Liver: Small amounts of liver are fine, but if fed too often, can lead to vitamin A toxicosis.

Onions & Garlic: Contain sulfoxides & disulfides which damage red blood cells & can cause haemolytic anaemia.


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