Do Cats Make Good Pets?

 In ancient Egypt, cats were worshipped as gods, their shining eyes and the supple grace in the way they carried themselves intrigued the ancient Egyptians. Nowadays, cats are no longer thought of as deities but some people have been heard to say, somewhat unkindly, that cats themselves still think that they are.

Are cats cold and aloof? No of course not. Cats make warm, funny and companionable pets. In Australia, Europe and the USA cats now outnumber dogs as the most popular pet. It is likely that our modern busy lifestyles have played a part in that transition. Cats are less hassle than dogs to own. If you have been thinking about getting a cat as a pet, here are some reasons why it’s a fantastic idea. 

Cats Provide Companionship

Cats are naturally self-reliant animals, although we need to protect them in urban areas where they are especially vulnerable to passing traffic. Cats are more independent by nature than dogs, but they can prove to be very loyal and rewarding companions, and will ask for little in return except food, shelter and affection.

Cats don't need you for exercise

In general, cats exercise themselves through hunting (if allowed outside), climbing and exploring as well as play.

Cats clean themselves

Cats are usually fastidious about grooming and washing themselves, so bathing is not normally necessary, but a daily brushing especially with long haired breeds will help keep shed hairs in the house to a minimum. Their fastidious cleanliness makes them an ideal house pet.

Cats are affordable

Cats are inexpensive to keep. Other than food and cat litter on a weekly basis, the only other regular expenses will be parasite treatments as recommended by your vet, annual vaccinations against the diseases cats are susceptible to, a veterinary health check every 12 months, and toys to play with (ping-pong balls will do the job admirably). Desexing should be seen as a must. Also Pet Insurance can be a wise investment - should your pet suffer an accident or illness, any necessary veterinary treatment could be costly.

Cats are usually quiet

Cats (desexed), unlike dogs, don't bark and howl, so your neighbours won't be upset on that score, especially important if you live in a suburban area. As long as your cat is fed regularly, he has clean, fresh water available to drink, his litter tray is kept clean and he has a safe area in which to exercise and rest, plus some toys to play with, then a cat will be content. There is nothing better than a Sunday sleep-in with a warm cat snuggled down and purring at the end of the doona.

Cats are flexible when it comes to a home.

catpet2Cats can live quite happily in most homes. Even Most Vet Clinics! Many Vet Clinics have a resident cat. Cats are sociable and get on well with other pets. A number of owners keep their cats entirely indoors without problems. Compare this with a large or very active dog which will require a large, fenced yard.

All in all desexed cats make a wonderful, companionable low maintenance pet. With kitten season upon us maybe you should consider a new household member.


Dr Alison Banfield- Sanford Veterinary Clinic

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