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January 2013 Email Newsletter


  • Pet of the month winner
  • Top tips for a safe new year
  • Best beach behaviour
  • Mistakes new dog owners make
  • Top 3 funniest cat breeds
  • Cat diaries

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December 2012 Email Newsletter


  • Pet of the month winner
  • Merry Xmas to our furry friends
  • Scary thunderstorms
  • Snake danger!
  • Xmas holiday safety tips
  • Parasites and your pooch
  • The truth about toxoplasmosis
  • 3 funniest looking dog breeds

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November 2012 Email Newsletter


  • Vaccinate now in time for boarding
  • Take the stress out of parasite control
  • Curious cats
  • Peppie's painful pancreas
  • Great video, so cute!
  • Share the love

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October 2012 Email Newsletter


  • Grass seed danger in spring!
  • Pet of the month winner
  • Funny pet video
  • When your pets waterworks aren't working
  • Case study: Toby's got to go but can't!
  • Your cats toilet, the golden rules

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September 2012 Email Newsletter


  • Pet of the month winner!
  • Who's been sleeping in my bin?
  • Overcoming cat carrier stress
  • Puppy proof your home
  • Prescription Pets?

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