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January 2011

1. A happy and healthy 2011 for your pet
2. It's heating up
3. Safety first for fun in the sun
4. A case of unstoppable thirst
5. My Pet Stories Christmas photos

1. A happy and healthy 2011 for your pet

You may have a list of New Year’s resolutions for yourself but what about for your pet? We have a few to get you started:

Does your cat venture outside? Get your cat tested and vaccinated against Feline Immunodeficiency Virus (FIV). Even if your cat only goes outside for short periods during the day, he or she is at risk of contracting FIV. Spread by fighting with infected cats, this virus can develop into the potentially fatal Feline Aids. Get your cat tested today. In most cases, the test can be completed in less than fifteen minutes in the clinic. If your cat tests negative, a vaccination program is initiated. Click here for more information.

Is your pet older than eight years?
Bring your pet in for a senior check up. Pets may grow old gracefully but they do so at a faster rate than us. Senior pets benefit from regular health checks and blood tests to detect any changes. The earlier we detect a change, the sooner we can start treatment. Call us to arrange a senior check for your pet.

Can’t see your pet’s waist or feel their ribs?
It may be time to start your pet on a healthy eating plan. Even a couple of hundred grams can influence your pet’s health and longevity. Visit us for weight check and dietary advice. We can save you time and help your pet live longer!

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2. It's heating up

With days at the beach, ice cream in the sun and hot nights, summer is finally here.

Heat stress or heat exhaustion is a common condition seen in Australia. It is more common in dogs as they have very few sweat glands for heat loss and are generally more active than cats.

Heat stress can kill your pet. All pets are at risk but brachycephalic dogs with a short nose (such as pugs and bulldogs), overweight pets, pets with heart or respiratory problems or those with thick, furry coats are at greater risk.

You should make sure shade and cool water is available all day. On the extremely hot days, leaving your pet outside may be too dangerous. If you are finding it unbearable, imagine how your pet feels in a fur coat!

Never leave your pet in the car as the temperature can reach dangerous levels in just a few minutes, even on a mild day. Parking in the shade or leaving the windows partially open is not enough.

Exercise your pet in the cool of the morning or evening. Some pets will need to have their heavy coat shaved to provide some relief from the heat.

Excessive panting and drooling, staggering and seizures are just some of the signs of heat stroke. You should seek veterinary attention immediately as heat stroke is an emergency. On your way to the vet spray your dog with cold (but not icy) water and cool them with wet towels, an electric fan or the air conditioner.

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3. Safety first for fun in the sun

Here are some more tips on keeping your pet cool and safe this summer:

Alleviate doggie boredom
Dogs need plenty of attention and stimulation, especially during summer. It is often too hot to go for a long walk or a run at the park so one fun idea is to inflate a kiddie’s wading pool and fill it with water. Your dog will find relief from the heat while running in and out of the pool and will supply plenty of entertainment.

Pets get sunburnt too!
Sunscreen that has been especially formulated for our pets is available to protect your pet’s skin. The top of the nose and the tips of the ears are spots to watch. Cats with white ears and noses are the most susceptible as they love to sunbake.

Watch out for hot pavements
If hot pavement can fry an egg; imagine how your dog’s paws feel? Try to keep your dog off scorching hot pavement and encourage your dog to walk and play on grass.

Provide ways to help keep your pet cool:

  • Use a portable fan to generate a cool breeze
  • Place a tarp or shade cloth over your dog’s kennel to provide a shaded space
  • Freeze large water bottles and place them in your dog's bed or crate
  • Supply frozen dog treats such as frozen beef stock in a kong or a huge frozen ice block (use an ice cream container)
  • There are cooling matts available for pets that help keep your furry friend cooler for longer

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4. A case of unstoppable thirst

Juliet, the ten-year-old domestic cat was finding the summer months tough. She was constantly thirsty but her usual water bowl wasn’t cutting it.

Mark, her owner found her licking up the drops left in the shower recess and waiting by the tap to catch the drips. A trip to the vet was arranged when Mark discovered Juliet blatantly slurping up the toilet water!

A physical examination revealed Juliet had lost some weight in the past year and Mark felt she had been a bit lethargic in the past month but had put it, and Juliet’s increased thirst down to the warmer weather.

A blood and urine test revealed something more sinister: chronic kidney disease, also known as chronic renal insufficiency. The kidneys contain many small factories that are responsible for conserving water in the body. Disease, drugs, toxins and ageing can destroy these little factories resulting in poorly functioning kidneys.

If we detect the disease early enough, we can commence medication to help slow the disease and reduce the side effects. A prescription diet that helps to reduce kidney workload, maintain normal blood pressure and improve kidney function is also important.

Juliet will be having regular check ups and blood tests to monitor her disease. If you have noticed any change in any of your pet's usual habits call us to arrange an appointment today.

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5. My Pet Stories Christmas photos

Here is just one of the great photos we received after our Christmas photo promotion in the December newsletter. This is little kitten "Noosa".

Thank you to everyone who sent in their pictures, we were overwhelmed with the response!

You can see more at www.mypetstories.com.au or visit us on facebook.

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