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Feline AIDS

November 2010

1. Feeling the pain
2. Harry and his knitting habit
3. Feline AIDS - Is your cat at risk?
4. Does your pet have a special talent?
5. Preparing for crazy Christmas
6. Refer a friend

1. Feeling the pain

When we have a sore back or a toothache, we usually complain or reach for the painkillers. Our pets on the other hand are often very good at putting on a brave face and hiding their pain so it is easy for problems to go unnoticed.

Because our furry friends aren’t able to tell us when something is wrong, it’s important for you be aware of signs that may be your pet’s way of saying "I’m hurting".

These may include but are not limited to:

  • Abnormal behaviour; lethargy, decreased appetite, decreased grooming in cats
  • Unusual aggression, flattened ears, increased reaction to touch, flinching, altered facial expression
  • Quiet, listless, unresponsive, disinterest in walks
  • Unable to get comfortable, changing position, restless
  • Chewing, licking at a particular part of the body
  • Physical signs of pain: increased breathing rate, increased heart rate, salivation
  • Weight gain or weight loss, loss of muscle

Our job as vets is to treat for pain until there is proof that an animal isn’t hurting. Good management of pain improves recovery, reduces stress and can help our pets live longer and happier lives. If you are worried about your pet, ask us for advice.

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2. Harry and his knitting habit

Harry the happy kitten had a habit of chewing all sorts of things he shouldn’t. He had a particular interest in his owner Jill’s knitting wool.

Over a period of a few days, Harry became particularly quiet. He was hiding under the bed and did not want to move. This was very unlike Harry. Jill noticed a few patches of vomit around the house so she took him to the clinic for examination.

Poor Harry was dehydrated and his abdomen was painful. He was given pain relief and was put on a drip. Xrays of his stomach showed that his intestines were all “bunched up” (or plicated), a pattern that is characteristic of what is known as a linear foreign body.

String, wool, fishing line, cotton thread (sometimes with the needle attached), shoelaces and pantyhose are just a few of the potential linear foreign bodies. They can either pass through the intestinal tract without any problems, or, as in Harry’s case cause nasty, life-threatening complications.

Harry needed surgery to remove what turned out to be some bright red wool from Jill’s knitting basket. Thankfully, Harry recovered well after some pain relief, antibiotics and a few days in hospital. Jill has since put her wool collection out of reach!

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3. Feline AIDS - Is your cat at risk?

Did you know that cats can develop AIDS? This horrible disease, caused by infection with Feline Immunodeficieny Virus (FIV), can be potentially fatal. The good news for cats is that there is a vaccine available.

Your cat may be at risk of contracting FIV infection if:

1. He or she ventures outside; your cat only needs to come in contact once with an infected cat to allow infection to occur so ANY cat that goes outside at ANY time is at risk

2. He or she gets into fights or has had an abscess; FIV is shed in the saliva and cats that get into fights or suffer a bite from an infected cat are at risk

3. You have stray cats in your area; a large number of stray cats carry the virus and are more inclined to get into fights with other cats (especially non desexed cats), leading to viral transmission

Diagnosis of FIV involves a blood test. If your cat is negative, a vaccination can be given.

Click here to read more and ask us for advice if you are concerned about your cat.

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4. Does your pet have a special talent?

Watch this video below to witness some amazingly talented and well trained dogs! If your pet has a special talent we would love to see it and share it with other animal lovers out there.

This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it your submission and we will publish it on the My Pet Stories Website. www.mypetstories.com.au.


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5. Preparing for crazy Christmas

We know it is difficult to believe and a little scary but it is not that far until Christmas!

Now is the time to start preparing your pet to avoid the Christmas rush. Aside from thinking about what you might give your furry friend as a gift, consider these few points too:

1. Boarding
If you are going away over the Christmas holidays and your pet is going to board at a cattery or kennel book NOW. Many places may already be full over the Christmas period.

2. Vaccinations
It is important to remember to keep your pets up to date with vaccinations. If they are overdue for a vaccination, they may need a follow up booster vaccination, this is can cause havoc if time doesn’t allow prior to boarding! You don’t want your pet to be turned away the day you are meant to be flying away on your long awaited holiday!

3. Holidaying with pets

If you plan to take your pet on holidays with you be sure intestinal worming, heartworm prevention and flea treatment are up to date. If you are travelling to the east coast of Australia be aware of the potentially fatal paralysis tick. Ask us now for the best prevention for your pet and be prepared!

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